Geneia Inks Multi-Year Partnership with Covidien to Enter $21 Billion Remote Patient Monitoring Market

HARRISBURG, Pa. and CONCORD, N.H., Sept. 4, 2014 — Geneia® today announced a multi-year, strategic partnership with Covidien to help improve the health of and reduce the costs for chronically ill patients. Covidien has agreed to provide Geneia with rights to sell its ZephyrLIFE remote patient monitoring solutions in designated markets to monitor patients with heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses in the home setting.
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Zephyr PSM helps the Delhi Waveriders

“Through this recovery system, we are able to know which player is running out of energy and substitute him. It is better if we substitute a player when he is comes from the green zone to yellow zone, and before going into the red zone. It makes the recovery faster,” said D’Souza.

Under the system every player on the pitch wears a gadget, which is linked to a computer through GPS. A sports scientist takes note of each player’s energy level and alerts the coach if somebody needs to be substituted.

Read the full article here. names Zephyr HxM one of 10 best health & fitness accessories for smartphones

The Zephyr HxM has models available for both Android and iOS users.

The Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor is a bit of a mouthful to say, but its features are fairly straightforward. You can wear it on your chest with the included strap, use Bluetooth to link it up to your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone 8 device and then get running.

While you’re going or once you’re done, you can use your smartphone to check your heart rate, distance travelled, speed and intensity level of your workout.

However, while many accessories rely primarily on their own app, the Zephyr Heart Rate Monitor is compatible with numerous third party fitness apps, such as Endomondo, MapMyRun and Runtastic.

So if you already use a fitness app you can just slot this in to improve its tracking capabilities. Read the full article on

In-Q-Tel Quarterly: What Are Wearables?

Wearables are sensor devices that quite literally are worn on the physical body. A wearable device can be worn by someone while his or her different vital signs are being tracked and transmitted to another location for various applications. To make a wearable sensor valuable it must be integrated into a larger system.

Three components make a wearable system, the sensor, the transmission of data being recorded by the sensor, and the actual display of that data which should turn the data into actionable information. Smart Wearables use local high resolution data to make decisions and relay actionable information to decision-makers in a timely and bandwidth friendly manner. More »

WASP in protective clothing helps reduce disabilities

Thirteen recruits attending the 21-day physical skills training session were fitted with a wearable fire-resistant shirt with a bio-harness and tracking unit. Zephyr Technology provides the bio-harness that monitors heart rate, breathing rate and calculates the internal core body temperature of each wearer. Continue reading More »

Suns Training Staff Introduces Superhero Technology

It’s fitting that you’ll see Suns players walking around with vests that make them look like Iron Man. Much like the Marvel superhero, the Suns’ training staff also uses technology to get an edge on its opponents.

For those not familiar with Iron Man, the superhero has a circular device attached to his heart that is the source of his power. Similarly, the Suns’ training staff uses spandex-like training vests that have a circular device on the heart that measures power.
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Zephyr BioHarness seen as alternative to Nike Fuelband's Proprietary Platform

Nike is rolling out the Apple “closed system” playbook for the Fuelband, with Zephyr’s intelligent multi-sensor, the BioHarness, as the open-platform alternative giving users as diverse as the US military, the NFL, and nursing homes are all able to configure to their particular needs.

According to Jamie Wheal of DigitalTrends, “Zephyr’s philosophical stance to let user communities evolve and adapt applications that they think are the most relevant for themselves, offers an alternate path to a potential Brave New Fuel lockdown.” Read the Full Story

ZephyrLIFE™ Goes Live at Sanborn Place

ANNAPOLIS, MD–(BUSINESSWIRE – December 21, 2012) – Zephyr Technology, a world leader in remote physiologic monitoring, announces the installation of ZephyrLIFE™ at Sanborn Place. Sanborn Place is a 73 unit supportive living community for the elderly and those with progressive diseases located in Reading, MA. Sanborn Home Care is the sister corporation to Sanborn Place, dedicated to providing high quality home care services to the elderly and/or disabled in the community. Sanborn Adult Day Services, located in Wakefield, MA, services both the residents of Sanborn Place and the outlying communities. The system will be used to monitor the vital signs and activity of the residents and to provide near real time notification and alerting to the staff. This installation and pilot is the first of several the company has planned for hospitals and facilities prior to general commercialization.
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Zephyr Delivers HxM™ Smart to the Health & Wellness Industry

ANNAPOLIS, MD–(Marketwire – Nov 16, 2012) – Zephyr Technology Corporation announces HxM™ Smart, a new and disruptive heart rate monitor platform to its consumer products portfolio. HxM™ Smart was developed from the ground up, taking advantage of the latest Bluetooth™ Smart (Bluetooth™ Low Energy) communication. The HxM™ Smart is compatible with the Apple iPhone 4s and 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation, as well as Android Smartphones supporting the Bluetooth™ Smart standard.
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