Any other benefits?

Data from individuals can be stored and a database built up to create individual profiles so that danger points can be individually mapped.

Is the strap washable?

The garment should be given a delicate warm machine (or hand) wash once per month of use. It can be rinsed in water after each session to disperse perspiration buildup. It should be hung to dry out of direct sunlight.

How does the wireless transmission work?

For remote monitoring (rather than downloading data after an exercise) a USB receiver can be used. The BioModule contains two radio modules – Bluetooth for short-range indoor tests, and ECHO for field use up to 600 yards line of sight with an optional field repeater. Bluetooth can also be used to communicate to Motorola XTS or tactical digital radios for First Responder or Defense applications.

How is it powered?

A lithium polymer rechargeable cell. Charging is by USB or other power source. Charge for 3 hours to 100% or 1 hour to 90% of capacity. Battery life in logging mode is currently up to 35 hours.