BioPatch - Wireless Sensor Assembly
Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu wearing the BioPatchNobel Laureate Desmond Tutu wearing a BioPatch™ at a recent event.

Designed To Make Monitoring Wireless

The BioPatch™ is a unique and easy way to attach patients to the ZephyrLIFE™ system. Comfortable & small, the BioPatch attaches to traditional disposable ECG electrodes and allows the BioModule to easily be snapped in.

Comfort and Safety for All-Day Monitoring

Because it’s been designed from the ground up to be lightweight and wireless, the BioPatch gives patients the freedom to move as they need to, without the danger of getting entangled or tripping over cables.

The Smarter Way to Monitor Patients

The best way to monitor your patients is continually – with minute-by-minute updates and alerting. The Zephyr BioPatch makes this possible by keeping the sensor small, lightweight and wireless – while still ensuring accuracy and reliability in the results.

You no longer have to worry about getting out-of-date information about your patients’ status. With ZephyrLIFE and the BioPatch, you and your patients can rest easy knowing that their vital signs are being monitored. With Zephyr, you really can Measure Life…Anywhere!


  • BioModule unit snaps into the BioModule Holder that attaches to the patient via traditional disposable ECG electrodes.
  • Designed for continuous monitoring.
  • Lightweight and wireless design allows freedom of movement
  • Long transmission range
  • Long Battery Life
  • Water Resistant up to 1m
  • LEDs indicate for status and connection
  • Can be disinfected with standard cleaning agents


  • Heart Rate
  • R-R Interval
  • Respiration Rate
  • ECG
  • Activity Level
  • Position
  • Posture


Heart Rate Range: 0 – 240 BPM (± 1 BPM)
Respiration Rate: 0 – 70 Breaths per Minute (± BPM)
Position/Posture ± 180° (Lying, Vertical)
Accelerometry: 3-Axis (± 16g)
ECG Type: EC38 Type 3 ECG
Operating Temperature: -20 / +60°C
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li Ion
Battery Life: 24 Hours per charge
Water Resistance: Up to 1m (IP67)
BioModule Dimensions: 28mm Diameter x 7mm thick
BioModule Weight: 18 grams


Solution Comparison Guide

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BioPatch™ X X      
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FDA Class II (Rx Only) X X      
Chest Strap X X X X X
BioModule™ Holder X X X X X
Compression Shirts     X X X
Loose-Fit Shirts     X X X
Bluetooth X   X X X
ECHO Mesh Radio   X X X X
HealthHub™ Connectivity X        


* Some features are for prescription use and are subject to FDA clearance. Please Contact Zephyr directly for information regarding the current status of outstanding FDA clearances.