BioHarness Connectivity to Radios

Many tactical radios are supported where the BioHarness can transmit data over the same channel an operator is already using for voice communication. The BioHarness communicates Zephyr’s proprietary Radio Interface devices, RID, using Zephyr’s secure Bluetooth. On tactical radio’s such as  Thales MBITR, JEM, and Trellisware these Zephyr RIDs use the side data port allowing voice through the top port. The Motorola XTS radio series uses the side connector for both voice and data, and these Zephyr supplies a Radio Interface Device, RID, with in built secure Bluetooth and pass through voice, the radio connector is mirrored on the outside of the RID allowing any remote speaker to attach, hassle free.

The BioHarness™ transmits the physiological status information by using a secure Bluetooth protocol to existing tactical radios. The tactical radios send the data over the longer distance back to a monitoring station where it is displayed on Zephyr’s OmniSense™ software. The transmission distance is dependent on the radio system used.

Zephyr offers RIDS for Motorola and Thales radios. Zephyr supports:

In all applications, voice communication is given priority over the physiological data. This approach also means that Zephyr’s PSM Responder and PSM Defense solutions use existing radio infrastructure already in use by First Responders and Military teams.

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