Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM) is the real time visibility into the physical status of personnel operating in high stress and extreme environments. PSM wirelessly measures vital signs in the context of posture and movement, enabling analysis of human performance & condition.

PSM Research Applications

PSM Research has applications in any field requiring high-level wireless physiological monitoring, including research, training and realtime response situations. It offers a vital advantage to users in a diverse range of sectors, including academic and research, sports, defense, health and wellness and first responder.

PSM Research Advantage

The PSM Research system can be worn in virtually any environment – from combat situations to the sports field. It maintains performance under extreme activity. Offering fast, accurate collection and analysis of high-quality, in-depth data, BioHarness™ is the definitive product for wireless physiological monitoring out in the field.

PSM Research Features

  • Simultaneous monitoring of heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, activity and posture
  • Smart Fabric-based, washable, dry contact strap
  • Robust- Signal and data quality maintained in extreme movement environments
  • Real-time or logged monitoring
  • Wireless data export
  • All measurements are collected in one device, in the same format
  • 30 days of continuous data storage
  • Eight hour battery life, simple USB charging

Zephyr’s CEO on the Monitoring Solution