You Can’t Teach Effort

You need to understand how hard your athletes are working, and when they’re training to their peak. You can’t teach effort, but with the right tools, you can certainly see it.

We at Zephyr have learned through years of experience that the key to successful training is Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM) – and with Zephyr’s PSM Training ECHO system, you can see physiological intensity and load (cumulative effort) in real-time.

All the data you need to for peak performance

PSM Training ECHO tracks up to 50 subjects at the same time. PSM Training ECHO tracks up to 50 subjects at the same time.

With PSM Training ECHO – conditioning, effort, stress and exertion can be quantified, recorded and analyzed. Measure when a player thinks they’re giving their maximum effort – and use the physiological and mechanical output to close the gap.

With a built-in Live mode, coaches and trainers can view the intensity and load of each player at any point during practice – giving you the cold hard data to see who’s maxing out, and who is hiding; who’s giving 110% and who isn’t; who’s able to push through the wall, and who has mental toughness.

And when concerns about health and injuries arise – coaches can rest assured they have the tools to know when it’s safe for a player to push it to their max zone – and when it’s time to back down.

PSM Training ECHO Advantage

PSM Training ECHO gives coaches a look “inside” the athlete. Configurable thresholds and real-time monitoring allows management of training intensity for each athlete – while allowing you to monitor 50+ people simultaneously.

Streaming live data allows real-time insight into the potential of heat stress, fatigue and dehydration. The system allows the coach to design practice drills and exercise regimes that will train each athlete, and the team as a whole, to their peaks, ensuring the highest level of performance per unit of effort.

PSM Training ECHO generates customizable, detailed reports and analysis of individual and team progress – including trend analysis of individuals over multiple sessions or sub sessions. Comparisons between individuals can be created quickly and easily. Share reports with other coaches and use them to fine tune practice drills and exercise regimes to achieve individual and team goals.

PSM Training ECHO also includes fitness testing utilities that help to determine the fitness level of anyone you are monitoring.

You no longer have to worry about guessing how your athletes are performing. With Zephyr’s PSM Training ECHO, you really can Measure Life…Anywhere!


  • Multiple Physiological Measurements
    • Heart Rate
    • Heart Rate Variability
    • Heart Rate Recovery
    • Respiration Rate
    • Accelerometry
    • Intensity & Load
    • Estimated Core Temperature
    • and more!
  • Live Training Zones
  • Individual and Team Reporting
  • Available Team Compression shirts make monitoring comforatble and easy
  • Designed to monitor 50+ people simultaneously

BioHarness Specifications

HR Range: 25 – 240 BPM
BR Range: 4-70 BPM
Acc. Range: ±16g
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Battery Life: 26 Hours per charge
Charge Cycles: 300
Transmit Range: To ~300ft,
~1000ft w/Antenna & Amplifier
Frequency: 2.4 – 2.4835GHz
Garment Washes: 80
Operating Limits:  
     Temperature: -10 – 60°C
     Humidity: 5 – 95%

Heart Rate Respiration Rate ECG Stress Level/ R-R / HRV Speed Activity Calories Temperature 1000ft Range Bluetooth 2.0 Lithium Ion Battery

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