We have created several new tools that you may find useful which we would like to make available to you to try free of charge.  If you like to tinker, this site is for you.  Please understand that any software made available through the Zephyr Labs page may either be a pre-release version (or possibly not intended for release as a product) in which cases there may be limited if any documentation or support available (with the exception of the SDK which is an actual product).  This is also a good place to voice your feedback with regards to Zephyr Labs requests or even product feature requests.


HxM Smart

BioHarness 3
If you are interested in developing for the BioHarness, please
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Note: Windows Phone 8 sample code is NOT included in the SDK.

Additional Resources

App Developer Affiliate Program

Want to make your app to work with Zephyr devices? Send us your details to learn more about our App Developer program.

We’re looking for developers who want their apps to support the HxM Smart on both Android 4.3 and iOS and include: Calories, Activity Minutes and Over-The-Air Firmware Updating.

Participate in our Affiliate Program and get:

  • Early access to new feature releases and firmware updates
  • Discounts on HxM Smart for your users
  • Commissions on each device your users buy
  • Inclusion on our App and Facebook pages

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