Case Studies

Stanford University

Find out how Zephyr is helping Stanford University’s Jason Quan train nationally ranked athletes.
Read the Standford University Case Study

Chilean Miner Rescue Operation

Read details about how Zephyr supported the rescue operation of the 33 trapped Chilean Miners at the San Jose mine.
Download the Chilean Miner Rescue Case Study

Physiological Analysis of a real Dog Attack

During a routine training run for a marathon a person wearing a BioHarness is attacked by a dog, taken to the ground and repeatedly bitten. Both dog and person walked/limped away. In this case study the fight or flight response is put to the test with some interesting results.
Download the Dog Attack Case Study

NASA Zero Gravity Experiment with Zephyr Employees

Zephyr employees are invited to train with NASA at Zero Buoyancy facility where NASA has the entire Space Station in a Swimming pool for Astronaut training. Then they all go on the “vomit comet” and experience zero gravity.
Download the Zero Gravity Case Study

PSM & Fire Training at Prince George’s County, Maryland

“I believe the PSM is a valuable tool to monitor the effects our job-related tasks have on our workforce. Personal physiological status monitors can help ensure everyone goes home.” – Captain Grady Valencis  Prince George’s County Fire Captain
Download the Prince George’s County Case Study

Vertical Challenge by Brad Zdanivsky

Brad rock climbs, –  he is paralyzed! “I chose the Bio-Harness™ because it outperformed and measured much more than other devices I have tried and it allowed my team and I to monitor my condition in real time, while I am working out and climbing.”
Download the Vertical Challenge Case Study

Marathon Man by Tim Borland

Tim ran 64 marathons in 64 days. Stacy Simms of Stanford university monitored this amazing event using a BioHarness proving it’s comfortable and works under the most extreme endurance. “It was an incredible undertaking.  I liken it to people who run across the Sahara Desert and take three months to do it.  It was great to be able to record it with the BioHarness™.”
Download the Marathon Man Case Study

Human Factors in the Field by COHFE

Forest fighters are under extreme physiological stress. COHFE studies forest workers. “We chose the BioHarness™ because it was a hassle-free product that worked every time.  Just switch it on and it works for hours.”
Download the Human Factors Case Study

32nd CST Maryland  CBRN Testing

On-ship CBRN testing

The 32nd CST (Maryland) conduct a HAZMAT exercise in the Baltimore Inner Harbour using full SCBA and level A CBRN gear. Their physiological status is monitored throughout the exercise.
Download the 32nd CST Case Study